7 Tips To Heal Eczema Naturally

If you deal with eczema then you know how hard it is to figure out treatments that work best for your flare-ups. With help from a dermatologist, we have come up with some tips to help you control your eczema-the natural way:

1. Moisten your skin with Emollient Oils

Botanical oils are natural emollients. Try a thin layer of botanical oils applied frequently throughout the day. These oils can also be added to bathwater.

Some of our favorite oils include sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, and virgin coconut oil.

Sunflower oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Reducing inflammation and enhancing the skin barrier function are two important goals of managing eczema.

Evening primrose oil is important in keeping the skin moist, smooth, and supple. Research has shown that virgin coconut oil reduces staph infections, which are common infections secondary to eczema.

All these oils are generally mild and won’t irritate your skin, making it a good starting point for taking care of eczema at home. You can also try Vovi’s Bodilicious Herbal Shower Cream and Shampoo for a soothing remedy. That said, before applying anything to your skin, be sure to spot-test each oil individually on a small area of healthy skin.

2. Use herbal teas as a compress or wash

For eczema that is oozing, weeping, or damp, it’s best to apply a tea compress or wash topically, rather than using a thick ointment. Steep 5 to 7 bags of chamomile tea in 2 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes to make a strong tea. Apply with a washcloth one to two times per day. Make sure to spot-test the teas before applying to broad areas. After the compress or wash, follow up by applying a bland cream.

3. Consider taking herbal medicine or dietary supplements 

For moderate to severe cases of eczema, it’s best to seek out professional help. Holistic practitioners will prescribe herbal medicine or dietary supplements and give nutritional guidance rather than prescribing topical steroids or other pharmaceutical medications. Make sure to find a doctor who specializes in dermatology and has a lot of experience in the treatment of eczema.

4. Avoid long term use of topical steroids/creams

Topical steroids bring down inflammation. Sometimes that’s enough to put an end to a short-term flare-up. But when eczema is chronic, recurring, or long term, topical creams won’t help healing or restoring healthy skin. Even over-the-counter hydrocortisone should be used with caution, not exceeding the labeled dosage and on a short-term basis only. One danger of hydrocortisone, is that people think it’s totally safe to use on their children whenever they’re itchy. Keep in mind, treatment guidelines warn that daily use should be for no more than two to four weeks. Be informed about the risks involved. 

5. Stay away from mineral oil or petroleum products

Products with mineral oil or petroleum can damage the skin’s cells. For skin to heal and its cells to be healthy, it needs to be able to breathe and absorb oxygen. Many people with very dry skin feel that they need these products in order to moisturize the skin. We recommend natural creams and ointments instead.

6. Adopt a healthy eating routine

When it comes to diet, we recommend keeping it simple with a clear, bland diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Avoid foods like shrimp and other shellfish, peanuts, strawberries, eggs, and milk. Stay away from foods like sugar and sweets, wheat, dairy, and anything that molds.

Many eczema flares are not caused by foods, so it can be difficult to determine the specific foods you’re sensitive to. 

7. Stay Positive!

One of the most frustrating aspects of eczema is that it constantly changes day to day and week to week. It can be difficult to figure out what causes flares, and of course these triggers will vary from person to person. But we hope some of these methods can offer relief and managing eczema, sending it into remission for the long term.

We hope that this article will help you figure out ways to control your eczema.


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